B2B Sales Funnel Stages That You Need To Follow

The humble funnel has undergone a number of changes since the 19th century, when science struck. A sales funnel can have three or more stages, depending on who you are talking to and what business is being discussed. In principle, each sales funnel is the same in terms of operation. However, there is no one-size-fits-all model for a B2B sales funnel.

In order to turn a stranger into a profitable customer, the sales leaflet helps to visualize and understand its basic steps.

To find out the best way to lose your business and at what stage your customers will lose, you can identify it all with the basic steps of a B2B sales funnel. This will help you take your prospect to the next stages of the sales funnel. And you can have an optimized and efficient sales process.

Every different company requires different versions of a B2B sales funnel. Below are the basic and crucial stages of B2B sales funnels, regardless of business.

B2B sales funnel awareness stage

The B2B customer is looking for an answer in the B2B sales funnel awareness phase. All the necessary things, such as resources, education, data, opinions and knowledge, solve their problems. The problem can be very simple, for example, looking for a new manufacturer for a production problem. This can be a bit tricky, like software that integrates front-end and background program operations without manual support.

The value of lead is low at this stage because there is no sure way to make sure they are buying your service or product. However, if you provide high-quality and detailed content, they are more likely to be interested in your business. At the top of the B2B sales funnel, you should understand the identity of the buyer and how they think they will help them solve the problem.

B2B sales funnel interest stage

In the interest phase of B2B funnels, they started researching your product / service to get more information. This is usually considered to be a crucial process to build trust in your product / service. In the eyes of the buyer, increasing leadership here is aimed at raising the opinion of your company.

B2B Sales funnel evaluation phase

In the evaluation phase, you have firmly attracted the buyer’s attention. Now it’s time to specialize in showing how your solution fits his needs. To further build trust, it’s time to let managers know if your solution isn’t in their best interest. At this stage, showing honesty and integrity can pay off in the future, even if your product or service doesn’t meet the needs of the buyer right now.

B2B Sales funnel engagement phase

If your sales lead is in the engagement phase, they will communicate with your sales department. This can include product presentations, points of sale, and clear communication so that you simply understand the buyer’s pain points and need to help them get an answer. The level of relationship and trust established at this level can be key in moving to the final stage of leadership.

B2B Sales funnel acquisition phase

In a traditional funnel, the acquisition stage is this. The acquisition order has been written or the acquisition obligation has been confirmed. But just because the movement of money and merchandise does not mean that you have reached the top of the B2b sales funnel.

Post-purchase engagement doesn’t just keep the customer happy; it further feeds the funnel and is important for assembling a B2B sales tube. This is because most or 84% of B2B sales start with referral from a lover or colleague, and these referral leads convert 30% better.

While these traditional sales and B2B marketing funnels are still the most widely used model, account-based marketing advances make them the ideal role for funnels. Check out the upcoming article on this new way to harmonize sales and marketing.



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