Different Ways to Use B2B Sales Funnel to Convert the Leads

Marketing tactics of different funnels

As buyers move through the marketing funnel, their needs change. This means that your marketing tactics and methods must also evolve. What works in the awareness phase is ineffective in the buying phase. Offers that are suitable for the acquisition stage remain at the level of awareness. Thus, mapping marketing strategy and tactics is as important as mapping the buyer’s journey.

At the awareness and interest stage, potential buyers may not know you exist. And to make things worse, they don’t even really know what they need or need.

First, they begin to research the answer to their problem. Understanding your status at this stage is more critical than ever. Your SEO tactics, lead generation and content marketing must all be targeted to your person.

Sheets of common hotspots, e-books with detailed information, and instructional videos help shoppers find possible solutions to their problem and raise awareness of your business at the same time. Pay-per-click advertising campaigns can also be used to generate leads. Social media tools, such as Facebook Chatbot Messenger ads, are very effective at engaging sales leads.

Ironically, people are drawn to their initial anonymity because they don’t have to provide their email addresses. However, once your lead has been selected, you will have access to Facebook lead data that you would not otherwise have — and that is important for personalization. The key to effective marketing in Chatbot Messenger is to end every communication with a prompt for further action.

Once you’ve caught their attention, it’s time to figure out why your solution is the best. Now you can truly cultivate your leadership. You will focus on this in the evaluation and involvement phase. It is time to share case studies that show how you have helped others in similar situations. Personalized drip email marketing campaigns are easy to automate.

Once your leadership has reached the acquisition stage, it’s time to complete the transaction. Marketing and sales must work together to navigate the conversion. Marketing must support sales representatives with case studies, offer product demos, and provide incentives.

Marketers offer incentives, case studies, and product demos too early in the funnel if sales leads aren’t committed to selling yet. Your bids are more relevant if you introduce them at the top when your leadership position is the best.


The modern B2B market has changed. Buyers now have more information than ever before and they are on top of things. B2B customers want to research and consider a number of options before making a purchase. It would be best to have an optimal B2B digital marketing funnel so that your business is available to potential customers throughout the buyer’s journey.

Delivering the right messages and offers to the right person at the right time to keep up the momentum and channel prospects to final sales. Start with something simple, using the offers and content you already have. Use the data to strengthen your funnel and add additional steps and elements to spice up your conversion rates.

And now it’s your turn to build your high performance B2B digital marketing funnel to help take your business to the next level. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to add us one of the lines below. Or, if you’re wrong about building your own funnels, you can tune in and find out what we’re doing for your business.



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