Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

2021 Digital marketing trends are extremely effective, valuable, and cost-effective. Learn how to make a living by trading the stock market.

The year 2020 was unexpected, bankrupt and filled with a lot of questions for all of us, especially marketers. The plague has changed everything. Customers, expectations, or target audience are limited for financial reasons or other reasons. Now, the market is highly competitive. But digital transformation still has the power to elevate your business to lasting development, success and ideal results.

Sure, digital marketing is an old application, but the changes in digital marketing are increasing day by day, and marketers are satisfied with this. They find that the engagement rate of the customer or target audience is high. It helps to reach people quickly and consistently.

We understand those transformations that are trending in digital marketing and seem to be a boon to marketers.

Enhanced reality

Digital data collection on the physical world enhances the user experience. In other words, you can say that the enhanced reality syndicate is real life, using a camera on a mobile device or an AR headset with a composite image or animation. Marketers are implementing this technology due to the overwhelming response from customers. Sales of AR glasses are projected to reach 3.9 million by 2024. In addition, 71% of consumers say they go shopping frequently if they use AR.

Snapchat and IKEA are two great examples of enhanced reality. Snapchat has a few attractive filters where people can enjoy experimenting with their faces. More than 190 million people use Snapchat and spend about 30 minutes a day on the app. IKEA has its application, which helps users check the placement of furniture in their rooms. Different brands use augmented reality in different ways to attract audiences, because augmented reality excites people and enhances their engagement. In the field of digital marketing, augmented reality is widely used.

Program publicity

Programming advertising is the process of purchasing digital advertising software using software without direct human involvement in the process. By the end of 2021, approximately 88% of digital display advertising in the United States will take place through programmed advertising. So, why are marketers so passionate about program advertising?

Program publicity is designed to reduce human participation. Before programming ads, digital ads were sold or bought by humans. Therefore, the need arose for the promotion of programs. It’s quick and sophisticated and eventually improves the translation by getting a more specific audience.

Video marketing

74% of marketers say that video has a better return on investment than static images. More than 61% of marketers believe that video marketing is a very powerful and results-based marketing strategy. The video provides a convincing approach to emotion, quality content and short retention. cyber security marketing is the easiest way to educate, educate or entertain your audience.

It is an inevitable tactic that will help you identify your brand, enhance your customer service and increase your priority.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is marketing that focuses on celebrities who are primarily involved in spreading the message of your brand. Experts believe that effective marketing helps to attract customers to their businesses. There are three main reasons behind the growth of influential marketing.

  • Improves brand credibility
  • Makes memorable memories for a long time
  • Attractive and attentive

93% of marketers have used impact marketing. In addition, 89% of marketers say that effective marketing gives a positive ROI. These statistics show how effective marketing can be to boost your business.

Push notification

A push notification is a notification or message that appears on a user’s current interface. Marketers use push notifications for many purposes, such as updating messages, any new announcements, or offering offers.

Push notifications increase app connectivity by 88%. More than 65% of users will return to an application within 30 days when the drive is activated. Its low-time investment generates high ROI, improves communication with users, precisely drives traffic, and more. With these qualities, push notifications to prove to be a great medium to promote your brand.


Undoubtedly, the quality of the content of each platform is important, but SEO plays a crucial role when it comes to being competitive and outstanding among others. . It ranks your website and helps your customers find out more about your business.

Although it is a long-term process, its strategic approach maximizes your PPC business and improves engagement and traffic.

70% of marketers find SEO very effective.
About 80% of major purchases begin with online research, even if the purchase takes place in a store.
61% of B2B marketers claim that SEO and organic traffic generate more volume than any other marketing initiative.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that is a complex piece of software that performs functions similar to the human brain. Artificial intelligence is shaping the future of digital marketing. It gives users a different experience and simplifies the task. Artificial intelligence allows multitasking. It has no idle time. It does not tire and works continuously, giving intelligent results with intelligent and quick work.

83% of businesses believe that AI is a strategic priority for their business.
86% of CEOs say AI will be the mainstream technology by 2021.
By 2024, global digital aid is expected to double to 8.4 billion.
The size of the wearable AI market is projected to reach $ 180 billion by 2025.

Social media marketing

Today, 3.96 billion people use social media, which is about half (51%) of the global population. On average, global Internet users spend 144 minutes on social media sites every day. Thus, social media is an inevitable medium in marketing. Almost every business has its presence on different social media platforms. It increases brand awareness, improves search engine rankings, and builds stronger relationships with customers. It connects them and makes them happy. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc. are the most popular social media platforms used by every business.

Businesses need to evolve in the same way as digital marketing trends are evolving. The above detailed and analytical guide on digital marketing trends in 2021 can help you increase the sales of your website, generate more volume and grow the sales that are essential for your business to stay competitively updated in the market.

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I’m Maleaka, passionate about blogging with 4 years of experience in B2B industry. Expertise in B2B services, strategies and products.

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Maleaka B

Maleaka B

I’m Maleaka, passionate about blogging with 4 years of experience in B2B industry. Expertise in B2B services, strategies and products.

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