Email Marketing Checklist for 2021

Invest in good email marketing software

An email checklist is technically incomplete without good software or email marketing application. To help you choose, listed below, there is email marketing software that will help you view your email to your audience.

  • MailChimp
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • Active campaign
  • When choosing the right software for your business, make sure the following are considered.

Having software that seamlessly integrates with your CRM is an advantage that businesses do not realize. Because you have other aspects to focus on in your email campaign, using an email marketing application that sends, sends and updates checklists on its own saves a lot of time. Hence, software that integrates well with other processes in your business should be the main consideration of this email checklist.

Feedback handling
Another aspect to consider when choosing software, which is also part of this email checklist, is to check how it handles and responds to feedback. As a business entity, you are obliged to receive answers on a regular basis. When you invest in software that effortlessly handles feedback without interrupting other processes, it significantly affects your productivity.

Set aside your audience and goals

Another very crucial part of the best practices for your email marketing campaign should be knowing who to target and what you want to achieve with your email campaign. In an effort to achieve these two, the following should be done.

Decide who you want to target
When you decide that your target audience is part of your email checklist, there is very little chance that your campaign will go wrong. Although there are thousands of potential customers in the market, your job is to finalize a list of customers who will not only click on your email, but also thrive and become a leader.

Determine what you want to achieve
Your business can deal with a variety of products or services, your job is to limit the purpose of the email campaign and the results you want to achieve at the end of it. Including your ultimate goal in your email checklist constantly reminds you of the goal of conducting this type of marketing and what you will achieve if everything is done right.

Finalize the email list to be used
Your client is part of your email checklist. Therefore, you need to decide which list you want to target and when. Typically, your business may have 2 types of email contact lists:

Existing customers
These are customers who have already purchased your product or service. Email marketing strategies that may work for your prospects may not necessarily affect your current or past customers.

New acquisitions
Making your new acquisitions part of your email marketing checklist is essential to reaching new customers alongside existing ones.

Have an email form set up

The template that is unique to your offers should be part of your email checklist. Your template should have the features mentioned below.

Subject line
Every email you send should have an attractive cover line. Because your topic is the most important element of your email and more often the deciding factor whether your target will open your email or not. Hence, the title is a key part of this email checklist.

One of the B2B email marketing tips that companies ignore is to have a uniform email signature. When you focus on such details for a minute, you are going to build an audience that will notice this and they will continue to become your loyal customers. Keeping your signature consistent across all of your emails and campaigns demonstrates your quality of attention to detail.

Length of email
Email should be short and to the point. Because it is not possible to wrap your message in one paragraph at a time, a standard email length helps. The reason for including this in your email checklist is that it is also one of the elements that make your company stand out because your audience understands how much content they can expect through your email.

Call to Action (CTA)
The whole point of your email campaigns is either to inform the public about your offer or to sell your products or services. In both cases there is a need for action to form an audience. This is why you need to set a call to action statement or button in a custom format. Make this feature part of your email campaign checklist and experience the success for yourself.

Customers want personalization in any form. So keeping at least one personalized item in your email is one of the basic tips to make your email more attractive. Addressing an email to a customer or prospectus with their first or last name gives that personal touch to him and in the long run, is very important for a business. For this and other reasons, personalization is part of this email checklist.

Carefully design your content

Your email campaign does not matter if your content is not up to date. As customers now become more aware of what they are consuming, offering what will get their attention is a task in itself. This is why carefully crafting your email content is included in this email checklist.

Keep the professional language simple yet
A productive content access strategy is a strategy that contains content that is unique to your business and easy to read and understand. The real art of explaining your offer lies in how easily you can decompose complex concepts so that readers can understand them effortlessly.

Avoid using too much industrial jargon
Another mistake companies make is including too much jargon and industry expressions in their content. There is no harm in that, provided the target audience is like that. If readers are not able to understand what the business is trying to explain, it makes no sense even if it is a well-written work.

Highlight your benefits
Your content is one of the best ways to impress your audience. Do not waste it talking about concepts that are not important to you or your audience. Emphasize your benefits instead. Cover all the benefits that your audience will experience if they invest in your offer. This item should not be missed in the email marketing checklist.

Do not make it a sale
There is a very good line between sound sales and information. As a marketing manager, you need to find your balance between the two. Because when your content reflects that you are trying to sell your offer, potential customers who do not know about your business would be reluctant to even know about it. Hence, you need to be extremely subtle while preparing your email.

Improve your email design
Optimizing and polishing your email design should also be part of your electronic marketing audit checklist.

Once you have a template, creating good content is not enough to test its usability, it is also essential. To check how practical your email is, do the following:

Check your UTM settings
Your email checklist should include checking all your UTM settings and whether they work properly. This means that you need to make sure that your audience navigates your website or landing page if all the actions they perform on the links and other such activities are tracked.

Test your connections
A copy of an email has a landing page, and sometimes even more links, in both cases it is necessary to test those links. To make your email copy look professional and tidy, it is crucial to make sure that all elements of it, especially your links, are working properly and that you are getting the desired output.

View your email on different devices
Another critical step in checking your email marketing checklist is reviewing how your email appears on different devices. This should be done so that your customers do not misinterpret your email just because of its layout.

Follow and analyze
Just running an email campaign is not the whole point of the activity, the main goal is to gain leadership through the process. Hence, tracking and analysis is the last but also important aspect of this email checklist. Here are some points to keep in mind when monitoring and analyzing your campaigns.

Automatic emailing
There is a long list of bugs to look for in email marketing automation. But the most common mistake is not to automate your emails at all. Although there is a wave in the digital age, some companies are still agreeing with the old school method of email marketing. To prevent companies from doing so, this feature is included in this email checklist.

Follow the “Click to open” rate
An effective email marketing strategy not only keeps track of the open rates of your email, but also tracks the links present in your email and how many times they have been clicked. This gives you the power to display content that can be updated.

Trace rejected emails
This best practice email checklist also addresses why it is essential to track returned emails. You need to understand how many contacts on your list are real and filter out the irrelevant ones.

The above email checklist is the most accurate guide to help you run a successful campaign. To know how we plan an email marketing strategy for B2B companies,



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